ElderCare Resource Handbook for Omaha

ElderCare Resource Handbook for Omaha

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Care Consultants for the Aging produces the ElderCare Resource Handbook for the Omaha and Lincoln communities.  The Handbook is an all-inclusive listing of services, programs and other resources available for the aging in each area and is updated every two years.  By understanding the services, resources and options which are available locally, we hope seniors and their families can make informed decisions which have the potential to enhance their quality of life and independence.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of the ElderCare Resource Handbook, you may do so for $8/book for the 12th Edition Omaha Handbook (2016-2018) or 9th Edition Lincoln Handbook (2015-2017) at either city’s office. If you would prefer to have one mailed to you within the United States, the cost is just $12/book for Omaha’s or Lincoln’s including shipping.  Either send us a check or order online by credit card by choosing which city’s Handbook you would like to purchase.

1 review for ElderCare Resource Handbook for Omaha

  1. Judy

    This is a wonderful resource for any areas of elder care needs. We used to find transportation, assisted living, rehab, and advanced care. It includes resources for attorneys and aging help as well. It helped us tremendously several years ago and does not get that outdated. Thanks for providing this resource.

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