What is the Role of a CNA?

What is the Role of a CNA?

“They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou

This quote is an excellent way to consider how significant the role that a certified nursing assistant (CNA) can play for a patient. CNA’s act as both a skilled caregiver and a home health companion to seniors, disabled, and those in hospice care.  As the American population grows older and their health and well-being needs increase, exceptional Caregivers provide families peace of mind. 

Basic living activities that patients cannot accomplish for themselves without assistance are the most significant care that CNAs provide. Some of these activities may include:

General Care

  • Bathing which may include bed bath, sponge bath, or assisting with bath/shower
  • Shampooing hair, brushing and combing hair, and oral care
  • Shaving or applying make-up and  Nail and Skin Care
  • Assisting with dressing and with TED hose
  • Assistance to the bathroom, bedside commode, or incontinence care
  • Transfer bed/wheelchair/chair or Turning position in bed, if bedridden

Medical Care

  • Vital signs, Medication reminders, Blood pressure check and Oxygen

Companionship and Assistance

  • Provide transportation, take shopping, and run errands
  • Assist with walking or accompany on a walk
  • Help with range of motion exercises, hearing aids/glasses
  • Listen to and report health concerns

Food and Nutrition

  • Meal planning and preparation, Feeding assistance, and Encouraging/restricting fluids

Household Support Services

  •  Laundry and trash removal
  •  Clean dishes/maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen
  •  Maintain cleanliness of the home from changing bed linens to dusting and vacuuming
  •  Pet care

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Care Consultants for the Aging produces the ElderCare Resource Handbook. The Handbook is an all-inclusive listing of services, programs and other resources available for the aging in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. By understanding the services, resources, and options which are available locally, we hope seniors and their families can make informed decisions that have the potential to enhance their quality of life and independence. You may access the online version of the Handbook for free online on our website.


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