ElderCare Resource Handbook
Omaha Area

The ElderCare Resource Handbook was first produced in 1991. Over 30 years later, we strive to keep it as updated as possible by listening to people’s questions and needs as the elder care industry changes.  CCA Home Care produces this Handbook, but does not openly recommend or endorse any of the services that are named or advertised.

Making decisions on another person’s behalf can be an overwhelming task.  Many find themselves second guessing their decisions and wondering if they are doing all they can.  Although it is natural to wait until a health care crisis occurs before looking into what services are available, people tend to make better choices if they take the time to study their options beforehand.

We wish we had a simple chart or graph that would help illustrate what caregiving choices to make and when to make them.  But, the reality is that everyone’s needs and situations are different.  Most people will find themselves using different senior services throughout their health care journey.  The ElderCare Resource Handbook lists companies that offer services to seniors and is organized into the categories shown below.

Always investigate and research any company you might work with.  Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we apologize in advance for any services, products, or organizations that may have been omitted or any errors noted within.  We welcome corrections and additions for the next edition.

Business Listing

Does your company need to be listed in one of our Handbooks?  Has your company moved or changed contact information?  Please provide us your new or changed business information and we will get that updated on our website as soon as possible. We ask that you have been in business a minimum of 12 months before being placed on our website.

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